Meet In One Place

Former name Meetup App. Now, with the new direction Kitakits app is
for everyone and it helps people, especially for everyday activities, like when
you plan to meet in one place and want to know the exact location and estimated time to
get to your meeting place. Do you want to know more about Kitakits?

Enhance Personal Life, Accelerate Business!

This app has two main purposes in our lives: it can be used for personal to fulfill our needs conveniently, and it can also be expanded for business use to rapidly grow your enterprises..

Non-commercial Use

The use of a Kitakits app for personal use primarily revolves around facilitating social gatherings, coordinating meetings with friends, family, or acquaintances, and simplifying the process of organizing get-togethers.

Commercial Use

Having Kitakits in a business offers several advantages like : Real-Time Visibility - able to track the exact location. Improved Customer Experience can provide customers with accurate information about the status and estimated time and more. Check out integration and customization.


Take a look at some Kitakits cool things!

User Friendly

Intuitive, easy to use, simply reliable tools for your daily and occasional meetup events.

Estimated Travel Times

Provides ETA to meeting locations, helping users plan their journeys and arrive punctually.

Convenient Navigation

The map guides users to meetings, reducing stress and ensuring smooth travel.

Efficient Coordination

Effortlessly coordinate meet-ups with real-time location sharing, ensuring punctual arrivals.

Connect Kitakits to Your App, Bring Them Together for More Power!

Link Kitakits to Your App for Extra Strength! When they team up, your app becomes even better. With Kitakits onboard, get ready to do more and offer users an awesome experience. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.


Kitakits app is crafted for seamless integration with any online platform, boasting scalable functionality to effortlessly fuse with your existing app!


Customize Kitakits to Suit Your Vision! With its sleek structure and versatile technology, Kitakits transforms into whatever you need for your unique idea.


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